Dog Frisbee

Having fun with your dog by playing catch with a Frisbee is one of the best ways to bond with your beloved canine friend. Our dogs are usually very eager and willing to catch whatever we throw their way, they just simply couldnt care less about what the item is made of. All it knows is that its having a good time with his best friend, so its up to you to make sure your games are safe not only for yourself but also for your dog.

When buying a Personalized Frisbee to use with your dog, make sure its made of the best and safest materials. Using any random item to play catch with your dog can be bad for it, especially if the item is too hard which could injure your dogs teeth or gums.

Your dog might rush and jump to catch the item with all its might, and putting that much strength into catching the item with its mouth could actually hurt it.

Some branded Frisbees are the best ways to go to make sure youre literally playing safe with your canine. These are pretty light but durable at the same time. They keep your dog safe from injuring himself since theyre soft and do not bruise or hurt your dogs mouth. The Frisbees are also specially designed so that your dog can pick them up off the floor without too much difficulty.

Here are some brands you might want to try:

Triple Crown Easy Glider

The Triple Crown Frisbee is made out of foam that is sturdy yet soft at the same time
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, making play time with your dog both fun and safe. Its designed with a ridge so your dog can very easily pick it up off the ground even if it lands with the bottom down.

Rogz RFO Flyer

This particular Frisbee is made with 3 holes deliberately punched into the disc. The holes make picking it up a lot easier, and the material its made of is pliant but still tough enough to resist immediate damage. The Rogz RFO Flyer can get a little expensive but its quality is definitely worth your money.

Ruff Dawg K-9 Flyer

This Frisbee is very soft and harmless to your dogs teeth and gums. The only downside is that it isnt shaped in a way that makes it easy to pick up off the ground. Of course, that doesnt trump the fact that the Ruff Dawg K-9 Flyer is soft enough to keep your dog from hurting itself while playing.

Other than launching these discs in the air for your dog to catch, you might also want to try playing other types of games with your dog using the Frisbee. Besides throwing the spinning disc, you can also try rolling it towards a certain direction and making it run, like a wheel. Turn your dogs attention towards the Frisbee by starting off with waving it right before your pets eyes to get it focused on the Frisbee and to let it know youre playing a game. Your dog will then run after the Frisbee once it gets the idea.

Personalized Frisbee

Are you now on your planning stage with regards to your next marketing strategy for your sports-related business? If so, then you should make use of Personalized Frisbees or imprinted promotional flying discs for this matter. It would be a great way to market your products by putting your business logo onto these Frisbees. In … Continue reading